Stay Ahead of Adverse Weather

Saving time and money by providing accurate weather content is what Neoweather Consulting does the best. Weather can cause delays or make course maintenance difficult and create safety risks. We provide accurate forecast information for your golf course to keep you ahead of Mother Nature.

Neoweather can provide your golf course or country club with various forms of weather content, including:

  • Weekly Analysis
  • ThreatNet
  • Hourly Breakdowns

Our weekly planner with our exclusive ThreatNet gives you a snapshot of the week ahead. When significant weather threatens, you will receive an hour-by-hour breakdown with winds, storm/rain chances, plus updates as threatening weather moves through.

If you have questions, you can always call or e-mail us for support. Our services are totally customizable, which means you get what you want at an affordable price.

We’ll Help With Course Safety And Operations

Accurate weather analytics can help you plan your scheduling around the weather. Don’t waste money and resources when it’s going to be a washout. Accurate weather information will keep you informed about where the storms are so you can work around them. 

Golf tournaments are big money makers. You need to have reliable weather information to prepare the course and get everything ready. Keep golfers and spectators safe from storms and manage weather delays effectively with your own team of meteorologists.  

Looking For Accurate Weather Information?

Personalized Clubhouse Forecast

Get a daily video forecast sent to you.

  • Accurate Weather Information
  • Big Market Personality
  • Personalized For Your Location With Your Logo & More
  • Special Course Info & Sponsors

Find out more information on how we can customize your own weather video.