About Us

Who We Are

Neoweather, LLC was founded in 2011 to help fill a void in the weather services marketplace. Neoweather Consulting is a team of forecasters and meteorologists with years of commitment to weather coverage. We have extensive knowledge and experience forecasting for all areas of Ohio and beyond. Being a Northeast Ohio based company we have dealt with all types of weather and have a strong understanding of lake effect snow, severe weather, Arctic outbreaks, heat waves and the list goes on.

We always strive for a high quality product, exceptional service, and total customer satisfaction.  We use our extensive knowledge of local weather patterns to bring you a highly accurate and precise forecast for your location

What We Do

Neoweather Weather Consulting provides you with customized forecast services for your area.  Whether you’re a local radio or TV station that needs a forecast for your DMA or if you’re a local business that needs a forecast for a specific location, we have a solution for you! We provide clients with detailed weather forecasts for your area.  You can get severe weather decision support, analyses and a variety of other weather information.

With the ability to customize any of our services, Neoweather Consulting provides our clients with the exact information they need, when they need it.  We can help your company stay productive and use your resources more effectively. Let’s help you save time and money!

Why Us

If you want accurate, dependable, up-to-date weather information then you are in the right place.  Neoweather forecasters and meteorologists are experienced in forecasting around the Midwest, Great Lakes, Ohio Valley and beyond. We take all of the advanced weather data and break it down so it’s easy for our clients to understand.

We use the most advanced resources and meteorology techniques without much overhead, so we can provide our clients with the most accurate forecast at very reasonable rates.

We are more than happy to answer any questions about the weather as it’s happening. You will never be able to develop a great working relationship with smartphone apps and national weather providers. Neoweather Weather Consulting can customize the information to fit your needs and back it up with our knowledge and professional expertise.

You want to increase efficiency and your bottomline. If you rely on the weather then it’s a no brainer to partner with a team of meteorologists. Neoweather is local weather info you can trust for safety and profit!