Accurate Info For Efficiency & Safety

 The efficiency and safety of airports, community events, department of public works and school districts rely on the weather. There are dozens of weather sources out there, but can you trust them to be accurate when it matters most? Having a team of meteorologists by your side will help you weather the storms with accurate and timely weather analytics and support.

Department Of Public Works

Adverse weather will affect any of your outdoor work at some point. Many of your construction projects are very reliant on weather.  We find that snow and ice management demands the best possible forecast for every storm otherwise time and money is wasted. Partner with Neoweather Consulting and rest assured that you will have accurate and reliable weather information to make decisions that will save time and make you more efficient. 


Fast flight turnaround and safety is crucial. What if you didn’t know that heavy snow squall was going to persist over the airfield? This means ground operations will take longer to clear the snow and delay flights = thousands of lost $$$.

Let Neoweather Consulting help you stay ahead of the weather with detailed forecasts. We’ll tell you the weather impacts so you know how to prepare and can communicate vital information between airlines, your operations team, and air traffic control. Also check out our video forecast option (shown on right) for informing the public in the terminal.  Click here for additional details.

School Districts

That 4am decision to close school! What about all the parents that have to rearrange their schedules? What about the road conditions creating an unsafe environment? What about children standing by the bus stop when it’s zero degrees outside?

Superintendents and school managers have enough to worry about. Let Neoweather take care of the weather forecast. You’ll get an hourly forecast for storms and severe cold, plus detailed weekly forecasts and more. We’re always an email or call away for consulting about school adjustments. 

Looking For Accurate Weather Information?